Sample Provider for Entity Framework 4.0 is available

Today Entity Framework team released an update to Sample Provider for Entity Framework 4.0. The provider is intended to be an example for ADO.NET provider writers but can also be used and hacked upon by everyone interested in the inner workings of an EF provider.

The sample can be downloaded from MSDN Code Gallery. It is licensed under Microsoft Public License (Ms-PL). EFQuerySamples includes additional examples of configuring and using the sample provider.

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  1. #1 written by Raja Venkatesh November 7th, 2010 at 03:32

    Any chance we can get a VB version of EFPROVIDER code? Online conversion to VB never worked in case of EFProvider (Even compiled). Is there a roadmap to have Linq to be developed only using C#? Or is VB not capable enough?

    RE Q
  2. #2 written by Peter Kellner October 31st, 2011 at 07:44

    Hi Jarek,
    I notice in the Q&A on EFProviderWrappers there are questions on what is support like for codefirst and cache? I’ve got the same question. Any thoughts? how about if you generate the codefirst classes from an edmx? Thanks for the great efforts here.

    Peter Kellner

    RE Q