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Using EFProviderWrappers with precompiled views

One of the users has reported a problem with using EFProviderWrappers and precompiled views together.

When you pre-compile views, Entity Framework calculates a hash of metadata (which includes csdl,ssdl and msl information), stores it with the generated views and compares it later when metadata is loaded. When loaded metadata doesn’t match the hash stored in pre-compiled views, an exception is thrown. [...]

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Tracing and Caching for Entity Framework available on MSDN Code Gallery

We have just released a sample that shows how to extend Entity Framework in interesting ways by plugging into ADO.NET provider interface. The sample provides two extensions:

  • EFTracingProvider – which adds the ability to log all SQL commands that are executed (similar to LINQ to SQL’s DataContext.Log
  • EFCachingProvider – which adds transparent query results cache to EF

The sample comes with implementation of distributed cache which uses Velocity CTP 3 as well as an adapter for ASP.NET and simple in-memory cache implementation. [...]

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